Car Repair

When it comes to vehicle repair, Imports Only strives to be the best independent service facility in middle Georgia. We have never met anyone who knows it all. We strive to have the equipment it takes to repair the vehicles we service. We are not afraid to inform you we are not comfortable attempting to repair a particular problem. We don’t want to waste time nor your hard earned money if we don’t feel we have the ability to return your vehicle to you in proper running order.

We invest thousands of dollars in equipment to keep up with constant changes in technology. We employ 2 ASE Master Certified Technicians who must maintain through testing their qualifications for their certifications. Many different vehicles require special tools and equipment to affect proper repairs. We are in the business of automobile repairs; if it requires a tool and we don’t have it, we purchase it! We will tell you up front if it is not an economical (highly priced tool for infrequent use) repair for us to make.

Above all we will NOT sell you something you do not need. We realize most people don’t speak “cars”, many don’t care to know, but we try to explain in plain English the “pros” and “cons” of a particular repair. We explain to you the necessity or reasoning for a particular repair and have no reservations about showing both men and ladies the condition of parts if possible before repairs. A picture is worth a thousand words.

We want to have a bond of trust between ourselves and our customers, always striving to maintain a strong customer satisfaction record that will return you to our service department whenever an issue or service is required.